Jul 7th 2018

Pretty Things with PINK

Pretty Things with PINK

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I love sharing and seeing the PRETTY in things. PRETTY THINGS are my passion... One day while out shopping, I noticed every piece of clothing I tried didn’t excite me, wasn’t appropriate for my age/occasion, didn’t fit just right, or was far too expensive. I had the same experience when shopping for things to decorate my home. The next day, I launched from the living room of my home, because I believe every budget level deserves to have pretty things. I quickly learned that so many other women felt the same way as I did. Now, we are a club of wonderful women, joined together through our love of being pretty both inside and out. If you buy the Pretty Things that YOU love, regardless of trends or budget limitations, your style will be a true reflection of the pretty within YOU!

This is our place to share inspirations, bargains, fashion and DIYs!